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I started the baby quilt today and I'm really liking the colors together.

We watched the first episodes of Detectorists tonight and loved it. It's disappointing that Netflix doesn't have the later ones on DVD. Darn.

Had a visual migraine just now and I think it's time to turn in.
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I didn't take many photos today. Only this one that I really liked. We had a great time though and will probably go back again someday (autumn would be ideal) and walk the whole trail. We only hiked the few miles that are around the lookout point today. On the way there in the car I had a visual migraine but it passed as they do and didn't turn into a headache till after we got home and I took a nap, then I had a headache - still have it. Early to bed tonight...


Aug. 4th, 2014 08:48 am
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Had another visual migraine yesterday. Since I have a tag for it on LJ then noting it here is a good way to keep track of them. We were heading out for a bike ride to check out the Kennerdell Tunnel. I had only had a very small breakfast and it was after lunchtime. Maybe it was that or maybe it was the arguing that happens with boys so much of the time. Or maybe it was just time for one. I didn't have a headache afterwards which was good. But I turned the wheel over to Jules cause I couldn't see well. It was over in about 20 minutes.

coming back to the tunnel from beyond it - sebby in the lead

It was sprinkling a little on the way there but stopped before we got out of the car. We parked near the other tunnel in that area - the Rockland Tunnel. Once on the trail it started to sprinkle again. Dark clouds were gathering and I was hoping we would get to the tunnel before it really started to rain. Just before we got to the tunnel there were a number of thunder cracks nearby and we got into the tunnel just in time. There was also another young man in the mouth of the tunnel holing up till the rain was over. He said he was making a trial run for a Pittsburgh to Washington bike hike and going from Franklin to Emlenton that day. He had a little trailer behind his bike that he was hauling a tent and other camping things. Neat. The tunnel is curved at one end and was very dark. The flashlight we had on the front bike would have been enough for walking but not on a moving bike and trying to illuminate 4 people's paths. I went off the road multiple times - that is scary cause I couldn't tell when I was getting back on if there would be a lip that would upset the bike. Lesson learned - get good flashlights for long tunnels when on bikes. I'd like to do it again. The Allegheny River is really pretty in that area.


Aug. 19th, 2013 03:06 pm
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walk in the woods - i liked this pixlr effect - an overcast morning transformed into a dark and mysterious night

Walked with Berdella this morning but as soon as I got home I had a visual migraine, went to bed and have felt dizzy and out of it ever since. I guess we have switched tracks with the room painting project. Gabe wants to paint his room next so I am putting the living room/dining room here on hold. The kids are working getting stuff out of his new room (Johnny's old room) and cleaning it right now and I hope by tonight I feel better and can help with the trim painting. I seem to be the only person who can (will neatly?) do trim...


Apr. 15th, 2013 09:47 pm
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tangled - dead tree in the cemetery this morning

Not feeling very well. Went to PT today and it was rough - I was totally exhausted afterwards. I walked this morning with the same folks I had walked last week with up in Rocky Grove (lots of hills and over to the cemetery) but this time one of them walked with me instead of racing ahead of me so that was nice but as we were walking I had a visual migraine and after that I never really felt good the rest of the day. Feeling very fuzzy with a mild headache. The point of the PT seems to be to move my arm as far as I can and then try to relax and move it a bit farther - all the while trying to pull my shoulder down cause it has a tendency to want to hike up when I use that arm. It is hard! I have PT again tomorrow. Think I will get to bed early tonight...


Mar. 2nd, 2013 06:34 pm
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Making sterling ball decos today - so far I've made about 120 but then I started to get a visual migraine. Which is interesting to see and beautiful but it obscures your vision so I am taking a break till it's over. I took some photos while I was melting the balls - I think it is just interesting to see the scrap metal get red hot, soften, suddenly pull into a ball, the molten silvery liquid spin around in place and then solidify as you remove the heat. Maybe someday I'll make a video if I can get someone to help me.


What else today? Went to my OA meeting this morning and the usual lunch at Eat n'Park. Came right home afterwards by way of the back roads cause I'm worried about driving with no current inspection. Dave just happened to look at the sticker yesterday and it is overdue by a whole month. So now I'm scared to drive it even though I was lucky enough to not get noticed by cops for a whole month. Had hopes (as usual) that I would get some work done when I got home but as soon as I got home I got tired and took a big nap. Woke up, filled the bird feeders and did the dishes. I'm working on a jewelry design that uses sterling balls and need to make more sizes before I can go on - so here I am.

Migraine is gone now...


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