Apr. 12th, 2017 09:23 am
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Helpless and hurting. Another period of waiting now to see what the biopsy of the lymph gland says. They have put chemotherapy back on the table as something that might happen. I originally thought it was very unlikely, now they say it might be a possibility. I don't think "they" tell the whole truth - they don't want to alarm you ahead of time if they don't have to - it's on a need to know basis. I feel so dumb. As a complication after the surgery (which itself went well) I had an episode of very low heart rate (44 beats per minute) and felt deathly ill, dizzy and sick. They kept me at the hospital overnight. Now I will be wearing a heart monitor for the next month - more stuff hanging from my hurting chest. I have a thing called Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB) in my heart - which they tell me isn't that bad in itself and there is nothing they can do about it. That's why I feel dumb - I don't really understand why I need to have the heart monitor. But then maybe this is one of these things that is bad - and I will find out how bad later. They just don't want to alarm me yet. But I am alarmed.

I wish I could cry - I'm crying inside but it doesn't make its way outside. Have to be brave, be stoic, don't worry others, don't let others feel sorry for you, make a joke, feel the pain, horror, sadness, grief, fear only for a moment then stuff it back inside.

But the good thing is:
I am allowed to walk all I want. Biking isn't allowed for quite a while but walking is a good exercise. I won't be able to wear my big pack with all the stuff I like to carry in case of emergency on hikes - will need to travel light instead. Actually Candy says she will carry my pack for me if I want - so there.
Can't drive for about a week, no heavy lifting (grocery bags, cat litter or dog food bags) for 2 or 3 weeks, no vacuuming (yay!), no window washing ( if I would want to), or heavy use of that arm. It is my left arm that is involved so that is good - I should be okay for jewelry work cause I am right handed. I should rest as much as possible - time for healing now. Make the most of that - take it easy.


Mar. 22nd, 2017 08:41 pm
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The biopsy went okay. It was stressful and I am tired - my breast is very sore now but it was okay. I will know the results on Friday at the earliest or next week. The doctor said that statistically this type of cancerous calcification has a 70% chance of being non-dangerous. First I thought good - I have a better chance now. Then I thought - why should I be in the lucky 70%? That means someone else will have to be in the unlucky 30%. Someone has to have it. That is the price of being alive and the statistics that apply. I wouldn't wish this on anyone else. I can't be thinking of lucky or unlucky - deserving or undeserving. Let me just face what needs faced and be present for the good in each day. I have ice on it now and hopefully by tomorrow it will feel better - it should. After they were done the nurse asked if I had any questions and I thought to ask what diameter the needle was that they used for the biopsy. She said, the size of a knitting needle - not sure - she didn't really knit. Then she said, oh - here - here's one - you can see it. Ouch! it was big - it looked to be the size of about a 3 mm needle. I said - I'm glad I didn't see that before!

Something I want to remember about the procedure... At the point where the doctor came in and was doing his thing - the novocaine injection and the needle biopsy - the nurse came around to the other side and started tapping up and down on my back, buttocks and thighs (I was face down on a special table with my breast hanging down in a "vice" holding it still while the doctor worked on it). Her tapping felt just like Milo when he walks around on me when I am in bed at night - trying to get my attention and be close to me. I said she felt like my cat when he bothers me at night - but no, she wasn't bothering me - I liked that she was distracting me (from the jerking and movements the doctor was making). Then we talked about cats and what our cats were like. It was just a nice part of the thing.

Onto other, more pleasant things...
I think I have chosen a pattern for the baby blanket I am going to make for Mara's baby boy to be. Picture this sample done up in turquoise, red, green, yellow and white assorted colors with a gray edging on each one.


Mar. 20th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Didn't sleep well last night. Went to bed early (for me) around 10, and then woke up at 2. I ended up going out to the dining table with my ipad and listened to music on it and crocheting. I'm making a colorful granny square bag that I can take with me when I'm hiking to hold things like water, keys, camera, emergency granola bar, phone, compass. I will just leave my gps watch on it all the time. Went back to bed around 4. But then I did not want to get up at 7 when my alarm went off. Reset my alarm for 8 and tried to sleep. Didn't get my early morning meditation stuff done like I like to each day. Today was hiking with Candy day and we went back to the Kennerdell Tract. Hiked the Strip Mine trail, the Bear Wallow trail and came back by way of the Pipeline trail. We didn't see any bears on Bear Wallow but there was a lot of mud to wallow through. When we got back the hike was four miles nearly exactly. I wasn't sure I wanted to go farther than that today. The sleepless night, the worry I've been having just makes me distracted and my left heel is hurting a lot again.

Still carrying the IR camera. Here is photo of a bright green mossy rock with Candy's hand. I color-corrected the photo for skin color otherwise the whole thing would have been bluish gray:

And another of the trail near a little pond. Also color-corrected but this time in a different way - for a bluer sky:

I mention worry - sometimes I think right now I worry more about the future of the US and the world than I do about what is going on in my own body. If this biopsy shows something bad than that is just me and our family that is affected - if the US government doesn't take care of our own people then the whole country is affected and if they make stupid decisions then the whole world can be affected. I have never before felt our world so drastically in jeopardy. To have a selfish, mean spirited, rude, twittering and childish billionaire in charge of our future is just plain scary.

Thank goodness though, there is something else to think about. Grateful for:
getting ready for biking season,
reading (Life after Life, the new granny square book and the Red Book),
Andy (who is getting better everyday and becoming a good dog),
Milo and Skye (relaxing animals to have around)
Yoshi (odd creature)
the kids (Jules, Chloe and Johnny),
the grandkids (Hazel, Sebby and Rossy)
my friends who care about me,
and sister Kathy who I will be hopefully seeing soon,
and a future with chickens!
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I feel like I am making a fresh start of things today. Today will be a day of domestic catch-up. There are baskets of clothes that need folded, overripe bananas that I will make into bread, partially made jewelry that is sitting on my worktable, the floors need vacuumed. I even had a dream last night that seems to mirror this - I dreamed that I was swimming in the creek with the grandkids and it was after a rain so the water was murky and high and running fast. I noticed that there were dead bodies of animals floating in the water and I was trying to watch out for them and avoid them. The kids got into a place where the water was running faster (in spite of my warnings) and they were taken away - there was nothing I could do. I started working my way back upstream to where we had gotten in and as I was going the water all drained away and the creek bed became exposed as dry and smooth as a road - perfectly clean now - the water took all the dead bodies with it. I had hopes that it was clearing downstream for the kids too. This dream makes me think about how we (I) can't protect (or control) young people very much. They refuse to be controlled or advised. I refused to be controlled or advised when I was young too. It is hard to accept that though - to let them go.
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Watched "Catfish" (2010) last evening. I was really touched by it - I found it thought provoking.

Couldn't sleep again last night - was awake from 12:30 to 4:30. Thank goodness I have my room to go to when this happens. I can read or get on the laptop without disturbing Dave. I think it is a mixture of dread about the coming election (should I spend money on Hillary? Can't all this political stuff take care of itself - I will be voting - isn't that enough?), worry about weight gain (and guilty thoughts because I am unwilling to change the way I eat), wondering what is wrong with me (why can't I just be a simple happy person?), what should I do about these glasses (should I pursue further correction?), thoughts of all the things I should be doing, am I a bad person?

This morning though is a beautiful morning (sun breaking through the clouds) and it's supposed to get up to around 70 degrees later. In the light of day I think the answer is to leave the political world to itself for now, get a shower, work on jewelry for a bit to see if the glasses seem better today (after being adjusted by Walmart yesterday), call Sears Optical if they aren't good enough (so I can get a re-exam from them) and then go for a bike ride (for sure).
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Every dish and cup we own in its proper place - at least for a few minutes early this morning.

I'm building up the desire and fortitude to go to Sears Optical to get them to do something to help me get proper glasses. They put the wrong reading strength on my glasses prescription - which I then had filled at another place. I hate confrontations and if I had gone before this I would have gone in angry (which is why I haven't gone yet). But I'm having more conversations inside myself where I am going there and asking for their help rather than going in all stiff and accusing and demanding. I think I can do it now. They are going to have to give me some money back or something so I can get some new glasses made and I will be nice and *firm* with them till I get it. Or else I will just forget it all and find a way to live with these stupid glasses - carry around a magnifying glass... NO!

Looks like there will be no rain today - perhaps I will have a bike ride while I am going out there to Sears.


Observations I had as I was on my bike ride - after I talked to the eyeglass people at Walmart. They said not to worry. They guarantee that I will be happy or they will remake the glasses, no charge. My next step is to go to Sears and see if I actually need a new prescription.

Thinking about my reactions to things - are they "normal" or not? Am I over-reactive? Over emotional? Overly suspicious? Yes, maybe - but I come by it honestly. In many ways I am very like my mother and that was the way she was. Feeling like everything is going to be difficult and a battle. Feeling like I will not be taken care of. Mom was a little woman - short and strong. She lived a hard life where out of nowhere tragedy could strike - was expected to strike - did strike. A fighter. I'm not sure I am as much a fighter as she was but I do have the other parts of her personality - feeling like things will go wrong and I will need to fight. But then in my case I doubt I have the strength. Today I started to wonder - do I really need to fight? Maybe that is just an over-reaction. Perhaps I could try trusting instead. This whole eyeglass thing. I am going into it assuming these people are trying to cheat me, trick me and will not help me. I need to believe they want to help me! It will be good for their business if they do.
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Dave and I went to the eye doctor yesterday. He to find out why he has a blurry spot in the middle of his eyesight in one eye and me to get a prescription for new glasses. We got the bad news that Dave has wet macular degeneration in the problem eye and a case of dry macular degeneration in the other. He hasn't smoked in many years. That could have been a possible cause. He got a prescription for special vitamins that might help slow it down and he will go to a specialist in Meadville next week. I feel sad. I guess that is the main emotion. I am trying to generate hopefulness cause there could be hope it can get stopped or slowed down so that he doesn't lose his sight. We will have to do what we have to do. One treatment might be to get an injection into the back of his eyeball. Sounds awful. We will know more after next week.

We had a very heavy rain storm this morning. Thursday is the day I drive Hazel to her classes in Meadville and I could hardly see to drive a lot of the way. The younger grandboys were waiting for their bus in the dark, in the rain, and the bus drove right past them then it stopped at the next house (where there are no kids) so they ran to get on it there. Just as they got near the bus the driver closed the door and drove off. So when I got back from Meadville I drove them to school too. While they were waiting for me to get back with the truck Dave took their wet jackets and dried them in the drier and made them hot cereal. I miss the days when the grandkids were little and came over every morning to wait for the bus. We barely see them anymore.

The rain seems to be over for the moment. The sunshine is hitting the maple tree outside my window and reflecting yellow light into my room from the golden leaves.

I've been painting the grout with metallic paints. I did the first coat a couple days ago and then could see where it could be adjusted so did more painting this morning. I still need to figure out some kind of transparent yellow paint I can use on certain glass globs that I used. They were stupid in that the color was only on the outside and I didn't know that till after they were grouted in place and the color rubbed off. That is a problem that will need fixed before the whole thing is done.

early spad

Dec. 7th, 2015 07:33 am
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Since I almost forgot it yesterday I thought I would get SPAD over with early today - I'm going to have a busy day.

Kitchen window 20 minutes ago. Obviously I drink Red Rose tea.

Now 20 minutes later the dawn is coming to a frosty white morning out there. I have already driven Jules to work (his car is still being fixed) and in a while I will go biking with Candy - then later there will be lots of picking up of people from after school things and Jules from work and then we are all driving to Grove City to see Gabe in his first swim meet.

I am upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 at the moment - I hope I'm not going to regret it.

Something has happened to my taste buds - certain foods just don't taste right. And I am getting cramps in my legs. I wonder if it is the steroid pills? Only 2 more days of them. The tooth is doing good now - I will be glad when I can stop taking them.
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I like to call it that because it is many times a free day of the week for me - a day to go slow and catch up on things. My one Wednesday thing is to walk with Berdella and I always like that too but it's okay to have it free sometimes - like today. Today I'm going to catch up on chores - pay taxes and bills, make some phone calls, do dishes (haven't done them in a few days - bad me) and wash clothes. I might even get out a tarot deck. I've been missing that. I would also like to figure out why there is one song that iTunes won't transfer over to my iPad and iPod. Stupid.

Nine of Swords - Hanson-Roberts deck

This does not bode well - worry, concern, despair and sleeplessness! I have been worrying about the taxes a lot lately - the first thing I think about when I wake up even. Well, I may as well get started on my chores and see what happens.
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Well, the big weekend is approaching - something I have been wishing for for at least 3 years. Dave and I are going to hike the Minister Creek trail at the Allegheny National Forest. I feel silly that I am so excited about it. It really isn't that big of a deal (around 6.5 miles) and I'm sure experienced hikers would be looking down on me that I am concerned about it. We aren't even going to camp out after the hike. It just seemed better to reserve a hotel room in Warren for a relaxing and clean night's sleep (and a nice hot meal) and then hike another trail at Heart's Content the next day. But while we are there I'd like to scout out the campgrounds and envision how difficult or easy it would be to camp the next time. I hope there will be a next time - maybe take the grandkids. It's supposed to rain this weekend - thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. We are having a rainy summer this year - seems it rains just about every single day at some point. But I guess this is Pennsylvania. In spite of the worry about leaving my comfort zone here I am quite excited. Minister Creek is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and varied trails to hike on - huge rocks, big vistas and not overly difficult for a beginner.

GPS unit
camera - lumix zs8
2 pair shorts
2 shirts
3 pair socks
hiking boots
soft shoes
small journal and pen
plastic playing cards
mini watercolor set
first aid kit and bug repellent
rain ponchos and rain hat
rice cakes sandwiches with PNB
fruit of some sort
granola bars
put etsy shop in "vacation mode"

This weekend is Dave's and my 29th anniversary. We were married on the summer solstice. So this trip isn't totally about hiking - it will be nice for an anniversary weekend too.

Another thing on my mind - our friend Deb's brother Bill died this week and there will be a burial today at Deb's farm. Sad to think Bill is gone - he was a good guy. When we went to get-togethers at Deb's house Dave always enjoyed talking to him. I liked him too though I can't say I got to know him very well. But he was a comfortable person to be around.


Mar. 24th, 2015 11:25 am
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two of pentacles - Golden Tarot

I am the one who...
juggles two things at once, into infinity. There are 2 ships in the background - the one on the right looks like it is flying up into the air, which I thought was interesting since I will be taking a plane up into the air tomorrow and that is what is on my mind today. It looks like the figure is underground though, in a depression, the sea in the background is higher than the land. The person looks a little doubtful that they can keep things spinning in place. I feel that way too. I don't feel terribly confident at the moment, but I know I will feel better once I am on my way. That's the way it always is - so nervous before hand but once I am committed and truly started the worries will fall away and it will become an adventure. My main worry: Oo-tapo will pass away while I am gone. I worry about that every time I go away but this year I think it will happen, or very soon after I get back. He eats hardly anything anymore - is skin and bones. He gets up and walks around, comes for attention, sleeps comfortably - so I don't think I should put him to sleep - he has no misery to be relieved from. It is we who suffer from seeing him so ratty instead. I don't know why I worry about not being here. He could and would die even if I am here - I can't keep him alive, I know that. I guess I want to be here to supervise it, make sure he's not alone. I have to let go of that.

Juggling - packing, checking things off the list, paying last minute bills, checking bank account figures, doing dishes, watching a netflix movie (Foxcatcher) so it can go back, changing sheets and doing laundry. Time to fill the bird feeders one last time. Yesterday I went shopping and I found a pair of lightweight khaki color pants and 3 different types of pens. After I got them home I found that none were as good as the original Atlantis. But then in looking around in drawers I found 3 older Atlantis pens that had never been used so I'm set anyway.


I decided to take loose pages and draw and write on them while I am gone - then I won't have so much to carry. I can insert them into my big journal when I get back. That's what I did last year too. This is my first page which Gabe has already written something on - his signature G+G heart and the words, "have a wonderful trip in florida 3/23/15" - a very sweet sendoff. I think it is interesting that the collage picture for this page is something I found in an old National Geographic - a story about people who raise reindeer. This is a photo of a young reindeer being taken on a raft. They needed to bundle it up and tie it safely down so it wouldn't hurt itself while traveling. I can very much relate to needing extra care while being taken away from home.
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I got up early this morning and went through all my etsy listings and made all the rings and bracelets (the things I need to make to size after they are ordered) "inactive". They will stay that way till I get back from Florida on April 1st. I have been starting to feel overwhelmed by all the new orders I have been getting - just too many things to have to make. A set of 8 rings, a set of 5 rings, another ring, 8 buttons, 3 earrings and a pendant with 2 dogs in the design. I think that will be plenty enough to do in the next 10 days plus get the tax paperwork together.

Dave bought some FROG jam yesterday at Al's Old Fashion Farm Market in Meadville. I had never heard of it before. FROG stands for Fig, Raspberry, Orange Peel and Ginger. Pretty good - they took out the raspberry seeds, I am glad, but left in the fig seeds as a nice little texture. Just had some on an English muffin for breakfast.

Another misty/foggy morning with rain falling on the snow. I should leave early for my meeting this morning and get some photos of fog in a different cemetery...


Jul. 17th, 2014 11:17 pm
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The newest bracelet (with a turquoise stone set in the disc) on top of a pile of some of the others I have made so far Listing HERE

Had breakfast with [personal profile] kyana this morning and then we walked/rolled on the Sandy Creek Trail to the tunnel and back. Another really nice cool but sunny day! Came home and had an order for a ring set and a bracelet to make - which I finished this afternoon. This is how I wish things would always go. Orders coming in every day or so. I really do want to make a living with this jewelry. Dave is at retirement age and I will be next year but we can't really retire yet cause our social security won't be enough at all. I worry about it. I shouldn't though. Worrying doesn't help at all. But putting one foot in front of the other does help.

my day

May. 30th, 2014 11:46 am
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Not sure yet which of these beads I want to use or how many strands the necklace will be. I like to just look at them for a while and play around with different combinations. So that's what I'm doing today - interspersed with soldering jump rings for future uses, and watching episodes of Sherlock (year 2013 finally came out on netflix discs) and making a big pot of veg soup. And trying to get Oo-tapo to take his meds. He has morning meds and evening meds. He doesn't like to take either but for a long time I fooled him by putting them in Greenies pill pockets and then he ate them. But it has come to the point where he resists eating the pill pockets too. If I awaken him from a nap and he is still groggy he will eat the pill pocket though. So I have to try and find him while he is napping. But sometimes that doesn't work either. And I have to take the pill pocket away, let him fall asleep and try again later. He has become such a fussy eater. I really don't want to have to go to the place of prying his mouth open and shoving the pills down his throat. But without these pills he will die. He is 18 and very thin. He's a worry. Here it is nearly noon and I have tried multiple times to get him enticed to take his morning meds.


Feb. 20th, 2013 08:52 am
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I see that LJ is finally letting us fix up the new friends feed page with some colors and images. I might start using it instead of my old style. The thing I like about my old style is that it has my links list on it so I can reach all the other stuff I like. The new friends feed page won't give me a links list so I still need to open my own journal page to get that.

Been doing a lot of worrying about my body - my left wrist and my left shoulder. The wrist that I fell on back on the 8th, I have re-decided that I probably did get a hairline fracture - it is healing slowly but still weak. I'm back to wearing the splint if I'm doing anything "powerful" with it. The shoulder - I have had pain in the shoulder for months. Whenever I lift my arm over my head and back (like when you put on a coat) it hurts the worse. But I just figured that it was calcium deposits/arthritis and kept on going with it. After the fall it seemed to get worse and the entire arm was hurting so much it was occupying my mind a lot of the time. Berbella steered me in the direction of looking up rotator cuff tendinitis/shoulder impingement and that really sounds like what it is. The best thing to do is to not use it and not do things that make it hurt (the opposite of what I was doing - I was trying to stretch it and make it move more!) and to take aspirin for the inflammation. Anyway I spent a lot of time in bed yesterday listening to audio books and thinking kind thoughts about my body instead of the fearful and unkind thoughts I had been thinking about it before.


Still winter here - cold and sifting snow today.

What else?

Roswell - got this new neat app that makes photos into etchings

Made 2 dozen pickled eggs the day before yesterday and we (Dave, me and the kids) ate them up very quickly so I made a new batch of 2 dozen last night.

Obsessing about the upcoming move. I love the idea of remodeling and decorating a new space and Dave and I are having lots of conversations about what we want to do over there, which is great. But there is so much OLD STUFF to deal with, go through, sell, give away, throw out! That is the part that I dread. Dread and Hate!!!! I think I have tied all that worry in with my arm and the pain and worry of that and just overwhelmed myself with it. I have to constantly remind myself that it will all be OK and it will get done somehow when the time is right. Today is not the day and when the day comes it will get done.

For today though - I should list something on etsy - been very lax with that lately. And then... art therapy maybe (?) I feel like I need that to help deal with all these other issues - or else make some jewelry - I do have a piece near completion...

in process

Jan. 23rd, 2013 07:18 pm
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things in process - the silver foil has been fired on

Not much to talk about - my life seems very dull (to me anyway). I did go to Sue A's house for a little visit today but I could feel home calling to me the whole time. I did some enameling this morning and was looking forward to getting back to it. I finished this piece which was a commission:

Into the Wild - By the Deep Sea and the Music of Its Roar I Love Not Man Less, But Nature More.

Surely there is more to say?

Johnny and the 3 grandboys have taken over the kitchen table for days now playing Dungeons and Dragons. Which I think is very good - way better than all the video games they usually play. Johnny goes back to college next week.

I need to go back for a "better" mammogram next Tuesday. I'm not worried, really. I just don't want to do it. The worry does send a tiny pin prick to me every once in a while but then I tell it again, I'm not worried. I've had to go back like this before and it never is anything. Still - baa.
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and then I'll quit with the hydrangea pictures:

rossy and gabe - so you can see how tall it has grown now - gabe is 5'11"

We are having a nice quiet day today - in spite of having the 2 kids here. I had to run to the vet's office to get Oo-tapo meds and Gabe sat with mom and Rossy went with me - everything is working out nicely. I worry too much. One of my flaws.
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Actually it's foggy every morning right now.

This is the last day of the kid's summer vacation. In so many ways it will be good that they go back to school - it will be quiet again in the morning - after I get them onto the school bus. Johnny left for college this morning with Dave. Mom is sleeping a lot. When I wake her to drink the little bit that she does drink then she barely opens her eyes - just a slit and there are no more smiles or signs of recognition. I really hope Jill can come today - I worried a lot during the night that she might not. I need her help since Dave won't be here all day. I kept trying to calm myself and get back to sleep with thoughts that I need to trust that we will be taken care of here - god will see that help comes somehow. Or that I will be able to make do without the help. Stupid worry.

Edit - Jill just called and she's not coming. So now I go to my second hope - I'll make do just fine without her. And I probably will.

4 poppies

May. 20th, 2012 02:08 pm
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out mom's window just now

I'm having such ups and downs lately.

#1 - worrying about mom and stressing out. I heard no coughing from mom during the night so I was hopeful this morning. Then when I went to get her up I found that at sometime early in the night she had thrown up the last thing she had eaten (her meds and some juice) and it had laid on her chest all night, drying out, and burned her skin in some small areas. Guilt. I took her blood glucose level (BGL) and it was up to 172 (it's supposed to be under 125 in the mornings. That is a sign of something wrong - infection, sickness of some sort. I took her temp and that was normal. After I gave her her bath and put her to bed for her nap (she was lethargic) I called the doctor on call and she said that if I couldn't actually hear anything in her chest than it would be OK to wait till Monday to call the regular doctor and he could call in visiting nurses for her. If I did hear something then I should take her to the ER. Thank goodness I didn't hear anything. So now - a couple hours later I got her up from her nap and she seems more normal, not so lethargic. A down turned into an up - for now...

#2 worry - I have made the pendant for the woman who lost her son a few years ago but when I set the photo of them into the bezel that I built into the back of the pendant and covered the photo with protective resin the resin didn't set right. 4 days later and it is still tacky. Gaagh! It is supposed to set up overnight. This morning it all seemed so hopeless. I don't want to do the whole thing all over again! I thought maybe if I mixed up a new batch of clear resin and painted a very thin coat over the tacky resin it might help. Now I'm waiting to see if this new resin will get hard. I put it under a light bulb for extra heat this time. I hope, hope, hope that this works. Stupid resin. I never did like working with it much. Why didn't I say I was going to put the photo under glass? Next time if I get a commission like this I will. Can't say if this is an up or continuing down yet - will know in 6 hours.
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1. Something I’m perturbed about: that Jill is sick and can’t come. Not that I am perturbed at her – just perturbed by the situation. Feeling trapped here (as I have a tendency to do). This is the second day that I have been stuck here all day.

2. Looking forward to: making a new Everything Book. The present one is nearly done and I’m looking forward to making a new one – I think I will do the form of the new one the same as the one I’m using now – a collage image on one side of the page spread and a blank white space in the middle of the other side with colors painted all around that will go with the collaged image.

3. Something annoying: how mom tilts to the side so much and needs propped up – she spills her drink so easy when she is tilted.

4. Looking forward to getting done and over with: compiling and getting ready the information for the income taxes. I was waiting till after Kathy left to get into that so now’s the time.

5. A movie I enjoyed watching: The Visitor by Thomas McCarthy – the same guy who did The Station Agent (which I really liked). It stars Richard Jenkins (who played the dad in Six Feet Under).

6. Exciting: Melancholia should arrive tomorrow from netflix – I can finally see it!

7. A picture I took last Saturday when Kathy and I were catching the magic hour:

8. Worried (still) about: Tenzing – yesterday he was out of breath twice and panting – I’m afraid it is his heart – it is enlarged and maybe this is congestive heart failure. He likes to pace around endlessly and he was panting as he went. I finally stopped him and held him so he could be still and catch his breath. Today though he has been ok so far…

9. Something I’m not going to do today: eat crackers with peanut butter and jelly. I eat too many and then I get so sleepy. They taste too good. I did just eat a small bowl of orange sherbert - that's ok. A little bit will satisfy and I can be done.

10. Working: finished a ring for an etsy customer this morning – good to spend time in the workshop and be productive.


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