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Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:09 am
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milo examining the everything book on the bed while i was packing this morning

10am and we are still here - it takes time to get moving when you are us. That's ok though - I'm on vacation and my main goal is to feel good and have a good time. Nothing has the power to harsh my cool!


Jul. 1st, 2012 11:42 am
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A mask that Chloe brought back from a New Orleans yardsale when she went there to help with Katrina cleanup, and Johnny's senior picture.

Getting ready for the trip to Niagara Falls with Jules and the boys - leaving tomorrow morning and getting back Wednesday evening:
Water plants.
Pack clothes, toiletries and stuff (maps, info sheets, everything book for writing in, novel for reading).
Make up a care sheet for taking care of mom and the animals (Oo-tapo, Milo, Yoshi).
Get 2 cameras ready (one for me and one for Jules) - free up the SD cards as much as possible - have fresh batteries.

We are going in my car - Gabe and I cleaned it and vacuumed it yesterday. Dave is changing the oil in it and replacing a headlight today.

I still haven't gotten dressed yet! Frittering away my day terribly today....


Jun. 30th, 2012 06:52 am
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6-30-12 lily
lily - through the dirty front window yesterday morning (it looks nearly the same today but without the water)

After finally getting all my LJ entries downloaded into the Blurb Booksmart program yesterday afternoon (had to go to the Library to use their highspeed internet - 3rd time is the charm) I have decided I don't like it for this project. I like how my LJ reads like a word document - photo, text, maybe another picture, more text below, etc - everything lined up linearly. Blurb will make your book look more like a really nice book with layouts - there are many, many beautiful layouts and a book made there would look great (and professional) but I don't see what I'm doing with LJ as needing that treatment. I want my text and photos to be presented all left aligned like they are here on LJ. And another problem - all my photos here on LJ are 72 ppi and Blurb won't print them at that density and size - it wants to resize everything to 300 ppi and my photos become much smaller then. I can stand the slight fuzziness of printing in low resolution with printing at 72 ppi - I prefer that to the smaller but sharper photos that Blurb does for me. Anyway - I'm going to keep the program in my laptop and if I ever do want to make a nice book with 300 ppi photos I will use it for that.


Jun. 29th, 2012 08:24 am
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little old girl

What with collecting and concentrating on my journal right now I'm doing a lot of rereading of it. Trying to figure out what is worth saving. There is some good stuff and that makes me feel good. Lots of boring stuff too... At this point, since I am wrapping up a whole section of my life (from a month after dad died till now) I almost feel like it might be the perfect time to start a new journal. I am champing at the bit to start a new life - a new phase. I am wondering how it works with blurb - can I add pages to it later - like add today's entry after I have completed downloaded everything up until yesterday? It is still at the stage of downloading stuff from my journal - it's doing the photos now. First it downloaded the text and then it does the photos. I still haven't gotten to the stage where I can actually work with anything or see what it will be like to work with it. I do know one thing - next time I do anything with it (that involves downloading something) I am going to go somewhere where there is high speed internet - this has taken over 7 hours so far.
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6-28-12 wheelchair

As usual - things don't go as smoothly as I think they will and blurb isn't downloading my journal correctly - or else I don't know what I'm doing (more likely) - grrr. But I am persevering - and redoing it. It took 3 1/2 hours the first time so here we go again...
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I would like to TRY and stay off the computer (as much as possible) today (and every day) - I am so addicted to it. In the future I only want to do the necessary things - put listings on etsy, take care of internet business (emails), check LJ maybe twice a day, post to LJ once a day - isn't that enough?! My excuse is that a lot of the time I am isolated here and this is a way to connect to people - yes - good. But I barely get the other things done in life that are meaningful to me - reading, watching netflix, jewelry work, business work (etsyizing things), outside and nature time, making more handmade books, drawing, writing, thinking! - so much to do and so little gets done when I go back to the computer all day. So - hopefully I can stay away the rest of the day - see you tonight I hope.
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harlequin glass ring, enamel, glass and stone dragonfly and purple handmade book

Jill came today so I had time to get some things finished. The ring is for one of the social workers that has been coming from hospice - she was interested in my jewelry making and looked though all my things - decided she wanted this special ring made in her size. The purple book is a special order too and the dragonfly will eventually get listed on etsy. I also got out to Art Group - took Gabe and Rossy with me. We walked down to Berdella's woods so I could show them the neat swings that Don had made - they had fun swinging for a while - I'm sure they had never been on a swing before with such a long rope or chain. Then we went to the ice cream shop on 173 and had sandwiches and baby cones. I didn't have much money on me but we watched every penny and got a good lunch.
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drying paper in front of the box fan

I was able to make 20 sheets of paper yesterday before everyone came home. I had hoped to make 40 sheets but it is too time consuming. After first molding the paper with the inclusions and pressing it for a while between blotters I laid it on the floor over night to dry. Then I painted a thick coat of soft matte medium on it to better attach and protect all the inclusions and dried it again (the above photo) - now I am in the process of ironing it flat - and done.

light in the distance

Berdella and I continued on our walk around Lake Wilhelm this morning. We have one last 1 1/2 mile section left and we will have walked the whole thing. After that we are going to explore MeKeever - they have some nice woods trails and a waterfall - one of the trails connects to Wilhelm. 3 more photos HERE )
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morning mess kitchen counter

It seems so decadent and silly but lately I have been on the search for a better cup of coffee. Everyone (?) seems to agree that using a french press is the way to go. I got one earlier in the month with a glass carafe but it broke within 2 weeks so this time I spent twice as much and got an all stainless thermal one - I think I officially love it, though this morning is my first time using it. I like the thermal feature and it will be nice to not have to worry about breakage. It makes 8 cups so I can even serve company if need be. I only made 2 cups today for me.

I have been writing so much and drawing so much in my everything book lately. I wish I had the energy or inspiration to copy some stuff over here to LJ to share but it seems that after it's written once and said I don't feel the need to write it again (most the time). This online journal might be more interesting reading if I did all my ruminating here instead of there.

I'm going to have a really busy day today - I got an order for a book with purple pages and lavender handmade paper covers. I don't have any handmade paper left at all so I need to make paper today. The problem is that making paper takes over the whole kitchen and takes all day. This is the perfect day to do it though. Dave and Johnny left to go camping with Dave's brothers at the Clarion River yesterday and the grandkids are all at their mom's this weekend so I have the whole house to myself (with mom) today.

Second cup - still hot!

Must get started with my day - clean the kitchen so I can fill it up with paper making mess and get mom up for morning drinks...


Jun. 23rd, 2012 06:39 pm
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6-23-12 inside

I was trying a drawing prompt where you just draw a random shape (I drew a line inside the color splotches on the page) and then see where that shape takes you. It took me to a head, and then it took me inside the head.


Jun. 22nd, 2012 08:09 am
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rossy wanted a mohawk for his birthday - 8 years old today

The other thing he wanted was to watch Simpsons reruns all day and 5 bucks.
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Today is Dave's and my anniversary - 26 years. I chose this date cause I wanted our wedding day to be the longest day to enjoy. I love this day. Yesterday I had such an urge to rename my journal "summersgate". I'm tired of being egg-shell - a fragile thing that can be easily broken. But then I researched how much I would need to adjust to change it - well, not that much really - but enough that it seemed like too much of a bother with everything else going on yesterday. Maybe someday, another day when I have more time. I am still egg-shell for now. Still stuck in this shell, not born yet. Waiting and waiting. Though I know that is just a way of seeing my life, something that an attitude adjustment would help. I do feel big changes coming, this life is coming to a close. I am pretty sure this is mom's last year. I don't know if my new life will be better or not, but I assume it will be. I have hope and faith in the future.

For today though - I am at the summer's gate and it is a beautiful day. Sun shining and burning off the morning fog. Hummingbirds visiting the feeder 6 feet away from where I sit. Jules and I are planning a vacation with the grandboys in July. This year we are going to Niagara Falls for 3 days (2 nights) and it is fun to think of what we will be seeing and how the kids will be amazed. Last night I was reading over what I wrote about last years vacation with them and I am so glad I wrote it all down - there was stuff I had already forgotten in just one year. I plan to take lots more pictures this year.
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over our bed last night

Got up really early this morning and went next door to watch the kids so Jules could get to his job early - he wanted to get some work done first and then he has jury duty both today and tomorrow. When the phone call came (from Jules to wake me up) I was dreaming that I needed to go to work night shift like I used to at Polk, and was going out to find my car (it was the teal green 68 Dodge Dart that was my second car in life) but I couldn't find it - it was getting late - and I was afraid that when I did find it it would be blocked in cause the neighbors were having a party and their cars were parked all over our yard. In the dream I had 3 baking pans with food in them and was balancing them on top of each other as I searched the yard - they were slipping and sliding all over. I don't wake up well, or fast, so this morning I went out stumbling over to Jules' house half asleep feeling like I was going to work myself and had to get there before I was late. When I wake up suddenly it's like I'm still stuck in the dream world and have to struggle to get out of it. I need to get up and have coffee and transition into real life slowly. Dave does wake up well though - he wakes up instantly and is the one who answers the phone in the night and can make sense of things thank goodness.

Later now...
Walked with Berdella at Wilhelm - even though Jill didn't come today we got our walk in early so here I am now taking care of mom - sitting with her while she drinks her morning drink... 3 Wilhelm photos HERE )


Jun. 17th, 2012 11:12 am
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from my everything book - started last thursday and finished today

Happy Father's Day dad.

I walked around the backyard this morning with the lensbaby on the camera. Flowers and stuff - 6 HERE )


Jun. 13th, 2012 09:55 pm
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a wolf spider i found the other day - captured in a plastic deli tub


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